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Hot Old Men

Old guys are sexy. Look here for proof.
Jan 14 '13

Anonymous asked:

Do you really think these men are old? Very hot, yes. But old? I think in todays culture a 45-60 year old might be referred to as "older".

I suppose it is all about perspective, and as I am only 20 years old myself someone who is 45 sounds rather old to me.  These hot and old gentleman are merely the opinions of one person so feel free to make your own determinations of who truly is old and hot enough!  You may think of this blog as having Hot Old(er) Men if you wish.

Nov 25 '12

Jon Stewart, 49 years sexy.  Author and TV personality best known for The Daily Show.

Also check out his awesomely weird book Naked Pictures of Famous People.

Oct 31 '12

Anderson Cooper, 45 years sexy.  Best known as being the sexiest journalist in history, and for those baby blues.  He is honestly an exceptional journalist, as evidenced by his coverage of Hurricane Katrina and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, amongst others.

His twitter feed can also be quite delightful.

Oct 26 '12


Here is Robert Downey Jr. in his younger, less healthy days.  Original post here.

Oct 11 '12

Bryan Cranston, 56 years sexy.  Best known for his current role as Walter White on Breaking Bad, Hal on Malcolm in the Middle, and being generally awesome.

Sexiest role- that of being a dad, baseball fan, and supporter of LGBT rights. Awww.

Oct 9 '12

Ty Burrell, 45 years sexy.  Best known for his performance as Phil Dunphy on Modern Family.

See him also in the current film Butter, which looks pretty fun!

Sep 13 '12

Matt LeBlanc, 45 years sexy.  Best known for his role as Joey Tribbiani on Friends and his ill-fated spinoff Joey.  He can currently be seen in self-parody on Showtime on Episodes.

Sexiest role, I have not yet seen Episodes but if he looks like this all the time that might be it!

Sep 10 '12

Kevin Bacon, 54 years sexy.  Best known for kicking off his Sunday shoes in Footloose and honestly for the ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’.  Also has good roles in Apollo 13, Mystic River, and Sleepers.

For more sexy, check him out as the baddie in last years X-Men: First Class.

Aug 12 '12

Kenneth Branagh, 51 years sexy.  The Irish director and star of many Shakespearean adaptations including Othello, Hamlet, Henry V, and Much Ado About Nothing.  He also recently acted in My Week With Marilyn and the 2012 London Olympic opening ceremony!

Sexiest work, Thor.  Have you seen Chris Hemsworth?!?!

Aug 6 '12

Clive Owen, 47 years sexy.  Best known for his roles in the films Closer, Inside Man, and Children Of Men.  He also played probably the hottest literary figure of all time, Ernest Hemingway, earlier this year in Hemingway and Gellhorn on HBO.

For more sexy check out the underseen gem The Boys Are Back.

Jul 26 '12

Clint Eastwood, 82 years sexy.  Old, grizzled, and owning it.

Jul 20 '12


Pictured is (a now 48 year old—and still a total babe) Brad Pitt, in his younger and blonder years.

Original post here.

Jul 20 '12

Anonymous asked:

David Tennant. Please.

Sorry Doctor Who fans, but you’ll have to settle for Christopher Eccelston or John Barrowman for now as the beloved tenth doctor is only 41.  To qualify for this blog HOM must be at least 45.

Jul 17 '12

Adam Baldwin, 50 years sexy.  Best known for his roles in Full Metal Jacket, Chuck, and as the ‘hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne’ on cult hit Firefly.

Sexiest role, Jayne Cobb, no question.

Jul 17 '12

Anonymous asked:

Are you 10 years old because you have a strange idea of what an old man is. None of your pictures are of old men. Have you given any thought to either changing the name of the blog or posting pictures of men who are barely middle age.

I am a little older than 10, but thanks for letting me know that at age 20 all my life experience and wisdom hasn’t burdened my youthful spirit! I hope to never know what an old man is because I am going to live forever.

 I will not be changing the name of the blog anytime soon; the age floor of 45 feels appropriately old to me.  If the younger gentlemen do not appease you, please check out the archive for some of the more veteran hot old men such as Robert Redford (75), Harrison Ford (now 70), Jeff Bridges (now 62) and going all the way back to the first post of Alan Rickman (now 66)!